Communication & Marketing

We deliver new impetus to global organizations in the Czech Republic!

Public Relations

We will help you achieve your long-term goals. By doing so, we build media relations, influence public opinion and create a positive media image.

Crisis Communication

We will solve your crisis situation and make sure that the crisis is an opportunity to not only save your reputation, but also to improve it.


We ensure that your communication campaigns not only have an impact on your reputation, but also on your business.

Employer Branding

We will take care of effective internal and external communication of your brand. We know how you can gain a reputation as an attractive employer and how to promote a good company reputation.

Corporate Communication

We will prepare strategic plans and integrated marketing communications for you. Thanks to this, you will reach your target group and, above all, start building relationship with them.

Media Relations

We have been among journalists for more than twenty years. We have a feel for media opportunities and can proactively come up with topics that will give you visibility.

Social Media

We will design and implement a social media campaign for you that will increase the momentum of your business.


We will prepare corporate publications in electronic and printed form, which we will deliver to your target group and ensure their response. We will communicate the content of the publications in all available communication channels.


Michal Malysa, Head of Group Communications
Michal Malysa, Head of Group Communications

W.A.G. Payment Solutions

PRAM has assembled a reliable team that can always deliver even the most demanding tasks. It doesn't matter whether they are senior or junior consultants, they always get the job done professionally, on time and without mistakes. In addition, they can reliably engage partners in other CEE countries. But the most important thing for me is that they try to communicate regularly and factually and I can trust them.

Libor Sedláček, Marketing Director
Libor Sedláček, Marketing Director

GUMES, spol. s.r.o.

Even though we are perceived as a competent partner by our customers, we have verified that their willingness to cooperate with us increases when we are also mentioned in various print and online media. Thanks to PRAM, our brand is also included in articles on topical issues that at first glance seem quite distant from our hoses and seals.

Tereza Suntychová, Marketing Specialist
Tereza Suntychová, Marketing Specialist

Portu by Wood & Company

Full of ideas, great communication and human approach - this is exactly the spirit of our cooperation with PRAM. The meaningfulness of our joint project is also reflected in the award of the golden LEMUR, which we are very happy about.