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That investments are only for millionaires? On the contrary! For Portu, the first automated investment platform in our country, we designed an educational campaign that increased the number of daily users 2.5 times in three months. We defined the "average Czech" in an initial survey and gave prospective investors the opportunity to compare themselves in the Investment Literacy Index. In addition to 42 media outlets, we brought in more than 300 new investors who invested CZK 6.2 million. This means that the investment in PR has paid off 26 times for the Portu platform.

9 794
Number of microsite visitors
6 mil. CZK
Total amount of money invested in CZK
7 647
Amount of filled questionnaires


Portu, the first automated investment platform in the Czech Republic, backed by the investment group Wood & Company, wanted to expand its client base, but was prevented from doing so by the misconceptions of many Czechs and myths about investing. The brief for the campaign was to change the public's attitude that investing is only for millionaires and to get Portu to be seen as a trusted provider of investment advice. Our goal was to increase the number of daily users of the Portu portal by 50% and ensure a return on investment of at least 5 times on the agency's work.


We decided that the best way to help people understand the basics of investing was to let them test their knowledge in a fun way. So we organised an online survey with research agency Ipsos to create a benchmark of the level of knowledge of investing in the adult population by asking ten simple questions. The Investment Literacy Index was created. To give the Index credibility, we secured the support of influential figures in the field of investment analytics, including a representative of the Prague Stock Exchange. We then created a test from the same questions that people could try out themselves and compare their scores with the average score of 100 in the Czech Republic. We put the questionnaire on the microsite and everyone who provided their contact details at the end of the test was entered into a prize draw.

We launched the index and microsite at the end of October 2021 at a press conference to mark World Savings Day, and on the same day we declared Investment Literacy Month. As part of a media partnership, we published a series of six articles with a link to the microsite. We used a combination of earned, paid, owned and shared media to drive traffic to the microsite. In addition to articles in the mainstream media, we also promoted Index through Index's social media channels, the Portu itself, ambassadors and their communication channels.


The campaign was a success. It had almost 350,000 impressions on social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn), engagement on Facebook reached 5.8%, and 11,200 people watched the videos on YouTube. The Index theme was featured in 42 media outlets, and 476,600 people read about it in the press. During the campaign period, 9,794 people visited the microsite, 7,647 of them completed the questionnaire and the Portu gained 304 new investors. The cost of the agency's work of CZK 240,000 was offset by the value the campaign brought to Portu. The total amount invested was CZK 6 219 929.

The value of our work was recognised with several awards including:

  1. Absolute winner of the LEMUR competition
  2. First place in the financial services industry category
  3. First place in the B2C category
  4. Shortlist in the global SABRE Awards


Grand Prix winner

SABRE Awards
Shortlisted in SABRE Awards

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