Public Affairs

We enhance your position in the public sector by developing relationships with public institutions, monitoring legislative processes, and protecting the interests of your brand.

Stakeholder Identification

We forge key partnerships and strategically engage individuals and institutions to bolster your public sector stance, employing a thorough approach for impactful collaboration.

Legislation and Market

We actively influence the legislative process and track market trends, ensuring your business is protected and has a key role in shaping favorable regulatory conditions.

PA Strategy

We develop targeted strategies that define your key messages and communication tactics. These plans form the foundation for effectively presenting your interests and values to public institutions and key stakeholders.

Implementation Assesment

After implementing our strategies, we evaluate their impact on your business and market position, enabling us to optimize future tactics for maximum effectiveness.


David Kuboň
David Kuboň

KLB Legal, s.r.o.

"Our collaboration with PRAM Consulting s.r.o. has brought professional support to our law firm in the area of PR and strategic planning, enabling us to address our clients' complex legal challenges more effectively and successfully."

Jaromír Glisník, Board Member
Jaromír Glisník, Board Member

M7 Group

PRAM successfully supported the Skylink platform during its dynamic growth from the position of an insignificant local company to the size of the largest provider of satellite television services in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Martin O. Kubacki, Vice President
Martin O. Kubacki, Vice President

Astra CEE

Working with your company was crucial in our effort to explain the principles of satellite broadcasting to both the public and experts. Your communication across Central and Eastern Europe and the innovative CSR campaign in collaboration with primary schools not only expanded our educational reach but also significantly improved the perception of our brand. Thank you for your professional work, and we look forward to further collaboration.