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Case studies

Crisis Management and Influencing Legislation

Public Affairs


PRAM Consulting was a key partner in the field of communication for Rohlí at a time when it faced challenges in public perception and legislation. PRAM provided services in the areas of public relations, crisis communication, public affairs, and more, which helped Rohlík strengthen its market position and effectively address the crisis situation of 2022. It was crucial to choose appropriate public relations tactics to support and turn around Rohlík's brand perception in the public sector.


Identification and Engagement of Key Stakeholders

In the first phase of establishing a public affairs strategy, we always define the key market stakeholders. For Rohlík, we therefore assembled a platform of major players in the gig economy, along with industry unions, ministries, and leading journalists. We immediately began to communicate and share information with them. Some of the stakeholders were already further along than we were, even in negotiations with the European Commission. However, by setting up this platform, we were able to immediately determine the activities for key stakeholders. We continued in the process of establishing the gig economy as beneficial for the Czech Republic's economy.

Monitoring Legislation and the Market

Whether individual steps in the legislative process or initiatives (or dealings in Parliament), we constantly monitored market and legislative developments in cooperation with lawyers. Thus, we always had the legal opinion of collaborating attorneys and law firms.

Creating and Implementing Communication Plans

Through external communication to the media, we helped communicate our values (the values of the Rohlík company) so that the interested professional public was informed, or so we could also persuade them from the media's side.

Assessment of Our Work's Impact

The result of our work is legislation that is acceptable for the sustainable business of Rohlík and other platforms in the gig economy.


within the platform


from foreign countries

68 %

outcomes in media


of the ebook on gig economy

Stakeholder meetings

within legislative process

Results in Points

  • Partner Network: Strategic partnerships to enhance perception.
  • Legislative Influence: Changes in legislation supported the gig economy.
  • Communication Turnaround: Effective brand presentation.
  • Market Stability: Maintaining Rohlík as a strong market players

This case study illustrates how PRAM Consulting navigated Rohlí through a crisis with a comprehensive and thoughtful public relations strategy, and the positive impact it had on the company's business and its position in the public space.


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