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Public Relations to influence ALL your stakeholders

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Ensure that your great ideas and products are well understood by customers, employees, partners and investors


Very often, only a relationship with the media is considered public relations. Such activity is called media relations. What are the activities of public relations then? What can we achieve with them? What is the difference between public relations and advertising? Public relations is a wide scale discipline that uses variety of tools and activities that can be also used when leading your company from the view of both internal and external target groups thus ensure simpler understanding of your steps. 

You will learn what tools and activities to use in order to get your ideas and products well understood by your target group and simultaneously inspire for activity that will subsequently lead to the realization of your business. Also, you will pick up how to plan all activities, lead and evaluate in a way to being able to analyze effectivity of carried out activities.


Patrik Schober, Managing Partner PRAM Consulting will guide you through the training.


Register at leadershiplab@pram.cz.