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Personal PR: How to use your personal leadability to build market belief in your business

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... how to do that. You’ll learn the techniques and skills to show how your leadership enables your organisation to satisfy customer and employee expectations and needs.


Interlink the brand of your boss with the brand of your company


Professional personal communication of either managers or key personalities within the company is felicitous for creating the image of an expert in the field and also for clarification of the company’s visions thus  strengthening confidence in the company´s leadership and opening paths to new opportunities for networking. The query is how to unite corporate communication with the communication of the main representative of your company? How to motivate such leader to controlled communication? What activities should be both you and your leader focusing on?

During our practical training we will show you how to build personal branding. You will also learn how to work with personal branding of your leader, how to form his or her unique communication style and use your leader´s abilities. Additionally, we will show you how to set the communication and measure it. Thanks to that you will increase confidence of your leader and the company. The training is intended for senior management of all companies, marketing, PR and HR managers.


Patrik Schober, Managing Partner PRAM Consulting will guide you through the training.


Register at leadershiplab@pram.cz.