Leadership Lab

Media training to ensure your leadership status is recognised

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... the principles of effective communication with the media and ends with you practising getting your messages across. You’ll be interviewed on camera and off, so you truly understand what it takes to see your leadability in print and on screen.


Are you ready to appear in the media?


Effective communication and professional public speaking are the key to a successful presentation. Knowledge of media and understanding how they work, or mastering in interview techniques and communicating with journalists, can be imaginary thin line separating success from failure.

During our theoretical training and follow-up practice, you will experience real situations and we will show you possible tricks of journalists. We will teach you how to properly sell your company, your services and your products in the media. Participants of the training will gain or improve their skills in working with the media, how to effectively create and deliver messages to the media and target audiences, and more to that, how to attract the attention of journalists.


Patrik Schober, Managing Partner PRAM Consulting will guide you through the training.


Register at leadershiplab@pram.cz.