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Protecting your lead with effective crisis communications

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... how good policies and procedures, followed by everybody, will enable you and your organisation to demonstrate leadership by reacting promptly and communicating effectively and with transparency.


How to prepare a firm for possible crisis


A crisis comes suddenly or starts as a serious problem that escalates quickly. It generally threatens the reputation of your company and its functioning. Nevertheless, a crisis can be an opportunity to ascertain leadership, transparency and the ability to act quickly. Furthermore, it enables your company to show empathy and influence debate both online and offline.

Are you ready to solve a crisis? When the worst case scenario occurs, are you sure that you and your company┬┤s management will be able to  manage the situation effectively and effectually without harming the reputation of your company, or even make the best out of the situation? 

You will learn how to solve a crisis, how to communicate when facing one and who is responsible for. Also, we are about to identify possible crisis situations with you and teach you how to be prepared in a way that you will be able to use your pre-prepared crisis plan so there are no confusions at the beginning of the crisis. Along all this you will also learn the planning of your activities, how to lead and mainly evaluate so that you will be able to analyze effectivity of carried out activities.  


Patrik Schober, Managing Partner PRAM Consulting will guide you through the training.


Register at leadershiplab@pram.cz.