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Focusing action with effective Communications Measurement

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... into the true value of your PR team, and activities, if you focus them on the outcomes you value most.


Measure your communication activities and learn how to communicate in the future


Communication measurement is a logic part for all PR and marketing professionals. Lately, the professional debate has turned to the topic of how to measure PR because the practices that are being used from time to time expire their validity and do not show full potential of what the professionals do. By measuring the impact of PR activities arguments are obtained about the value of PR department´s work that can in fact persuade company’s decision makers about the importance of investment into communication.

In this training you will learn how important is to measure aims not only at the very end of PR campaign, but also at its beginning and its course. We will speak about new trends in measurement and how to set and interpret measurement of campaigns correctly.


Patrik Schober, Managing Partner PRAM Consulting will guide you through the training.


Register at leadershiplab@pram.cz.