Leadership Lab

Because delivering leadability for our clients is central to everything we do, we have identified a range of leadership skills that are required for organisations and individuals to have the ability to lead.

That’s why we created our Leadership Lab. This is a unique facility that provides training and coaching in all the facets of leadership behaviour. It’s yet another way we are helping our clients to trigger the right action from all their audiences whether they are employees, customers, partners, influencers or legislators.

The training courses are ideal for anyone who wants to give their business new impetus - for CEOs, business and marketing directors, and to all those in charge of either communication or HR in their company.

Like in a scientific lab, the Leadership Lab, analyzes business topics, explores best practices and solutions, and converts them into courses that address the key components of leadability.

Our courses:

  • Help to deliver market impetus via more effective marketing and communications
  • Build personal leadability so you become a more compelling and effective leaders

Please find below a range of sessions targeting areas we believe have significant influence on your business and market momentum. If you believe we should add a new course, please let us know and we will be delighted to create it.

Social Selling to increase business momentum

There are many businesses that have not yet woken-up to the power of social selling. This course will show why this may be a missed opportunity to deliver significant momentum to your business. It will also show you ...

Public Relations to influence ALL your stakeholders

This course will look at the full scope of public relations – extending beyond media to address all your stakeholders. It will cover the most effective tools and activities that you can employ to trigger the right action from your key audiences.

Inspiring action on the customer journey

This course will help you to identify the key points on the customer journey when you need to inspire the right action. It will show you how to communicate so that the target group will understand the benefits of your products or services and ...