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PR Brunch



PR Brunch is the name of a series of seminars and a communication activity of Pram and Médiář. Each of the seminars is designed for marketing managers and spokespeople of major companies.
PR Brunch is a unique communication tool of PRAM Consulting. It is a series of seminars presenting the connection "PRAM=creativity=PR focused on results". Thanks to PR Brunch and its communication in traditional media and online world, PRAM agency strengthens its image. PR Brunch is also an effective tool for talent management. 

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Despite considerable awareness of PRAM among PR agencies, PRAM was not well known among PR and marketing managers and spokespeople of major companies. In the past, PRAM's brand awareness was built mainly through social media and news and commentary in trade media. The aim was therefore to create a regular activity that would systematically present PRAM as a PR expert, introduce new talent in the field and bring interesting information and opportunities to potential customers.



To ensure the necessary independence and reach the target group, we used a media and strategic partner - the professional website Médiář, which at the end of 2015 was looking for a partner to organize educational seminars to strengthen its position in the field.

PRAM collaborated with Médiář's editorial team to select and develop topics to ensure balanced and objective content, counteracting the promotion of PRAM as an organiser and profiling PR Brunch as an independent source of information and a platform for sharing industry experience. Independence is underlined by the participation of experts from major companies in panel discussions.

PR Brunch has a tight organizational structure, including an introduction to the issues, presentation of specific case studies, panel discussion and networking. The event lasts 2.5 hours.

In addition to the intention of educating PR professionals and improving the level of the PR industry in the Czech Republic, a side desired effect is the promotion of the brand of both organizers.

To communicate PR Brunch, we have set up a domain, which contains information about individual meetings, including the possibility of downloading educational materials. In order to promote the brunches, we are implementing integrated campaigns including communication in traditional media and on social networks, using audiovisual content and a newsletter to reach the readers of Médiář and the community that is forming around the PR Brunch platform.

After each brunch, we share the materials presented with attendees and registrants on, thus continuously expanding the community of interest. The communication is complemented by a regular newsletter with tips on effective corporate communication.


PR Brunch has been attended by over 200 PR professionals so far. As part of panel discussions, the brunches have hosted a number of PR personalities from organizations such as Tescoma, Kofola, TON, Nestlé, Siemens, etc.

The coverage on Medium has so far received 4,700 visits and engagement on social media is over 2,300 reactions. At the time of the brunches, 50% of visitors to the website are directed to the microsites of the individual seminars. The materials have been downloaded by over 560 individuals who have not yet attended a PR Brunch.

The capacity of the last brunches was always filled within five days of the registration opening.


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