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Social Selling

We have been working with NTT, a global technology solutions provider, since 2012. Since 2017, we have focused more on its social media communications.

The average number of points by which the activities have increased the SSI, which indicates the strength of each profile.
Number of employees that have improved their business results thanks to training.


PRAM manages social networks for NTT Czech Republic, especially the LinkedIn profile. Its target group often consists of specific positions in specific verticals, which are not easy to reach by conventional means. Therefore, PRAM proposed to train the company's employees in Social Selling, the aim of which was to teach employees how to acquire new leads in an easy and effective way. The first step was to show that personal profiles on LinkedIn were the ideal way to grow the business of individual salespeople.


PRAM designed bespoke Social Selling training for the NTT Czech Republic sales team who were planning to use LinkedIn as their business tool. The training was designed to show how it was possible to increase the reach of individual posts and expand the network of contacts.


25 employees of the Czech branch of NTT attended the tailor-made training. All of them received the necessary information on how to improve their personal profiles, how to publish posts effectively and further develop their network of contacts thanks to LinkedIn. The training was part of the initial training of new employees of NTT Czech Republic and LinkedIn has become an essential complement to the company's business activities. Thanks to LinkedIn, NTT's salespeople can find the best contacts, establish new business relationships and develop their business more efficiently. Similarly, the training has helped the HR department to better find talent for the company.

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