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Reputation analysis


Lindab is one of the world's leading companies in the development, manufacture and sale of metal profile system solutions for the construction industry. Since 1993, it has also been active in the Czech Republic, where it has been manufacturing building components and HVAC systems.

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Lindab was struggling with high staff turnover and several internal questionnaires did not reveal any specific reason that could be corrected. At the same time, the HR department felt a loss of employee confidence in the company's leadership due to recent corporate changes. Therefore, Lindab turned to PRAM, which prepared a questionnaire and conducted 100 face-to-face interviews with employees from a third-party perspective.


The analysis was conducted in the form of a personal interview at Lindab's premises in Prague 6.The aim of the analysis was to assess the corporate culture, reputation and perception of Lindab among employees from different departments. The result was a reputation analysis that evaluates the answers and provides a set of recommendations. The individual employees were interviewed based on the same questionnaire design, but at the same time had the opportunity to comment subjectively.



Thanks to the fact that the survey was conducted by a third party and without the participation of supervisors, employees were more willing to talk about what was lacking and bothering them in the workplace. In fact, the vast majority of respondents like their work and respect their colleagues. And the recommendations that emerge from the Reputation Analysis contain both small suggestions for improving work efficiency and interesting ideas for motivating employees to work harder. Thanks to the Reputation Analysis, employees feel that their employer cares about them and is interested in their needs.




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