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Case studies


Digital Communication

SPI International, the film channel operator of FilmBox, uses PRAM to drive awareness and increase the number of subscribers. We deliver a fully integrated communications campaign that embraces PR, digital, online and social media techniques.


Number of television audiences addressed per month:


Unique visitors to landing pages per month

Description of the problem

FilmBox was keen to be seen as an affordable source of high-quality television entertainment. But before hiring PRAM there was a serious lack of awareness of the FilmBox TV channels. Some TV viewers did not know about their various programmes and some did not even know about the FilmBox channels. FilmBox therefore needed a breakthrough in awareness in the Czech and Slovak markets.


In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, we have designed an integrated campaign to promote FilmBox channels and recruit new subscribers. We drove the target audience to two recruitment pages - and - by using Facebook campaigns, banners, newsletters, electronic program tips, direct mail, video trailers and a competition. All the campaign phases were aimed at bringing users to the landing page, to show them how to order FilmBox channels, and promoting sales with the help of interesting movie trailers.


The FilmBox channels achieved record-breaking results. They reached around 2 million TV users and consumers a month and the landing pages received at least 10,000 unique visits per month. As a result of the success of the campaign, is using the same communications approach as standard in all countries where FilmBox channels are offered.

Results in points

  • Number of television audiences addressed per month: 2,000,000
  • Unique visitors to landing pages per month: 10,000

The first three months of the campaign:

  • Number of new fans on FB: 4,000
  • Weekly budget for the FB campaign: CZK 1,500
  • Weekly FB reach: 160,000 users
  • Media output range: 450,000 readers / month
  • Increase in FilmBox subscribers: tens of thousands

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