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Delivering Leadability to Clients With a Purpose

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27. 6. 2023


Our client, Wood & Company is one of the Czech Republic's leading investment management companies who owns Czech investment platform called Portu. They were keen to be seen as the leader in personal investment and grow their client base. But were hampered by the perception by many Czech adults that the state would support them in retirement and that there was therefore no need to save. 

Our goal is to deliver new impetus to the business of our clients. As a result, we are very outcome driven and have developed our methodology, IMPETUS, to ensure we help our clients achieve their goals by getting their target audience to take the desired action.

"The basic criterion of communication success is to understand the values and needs of a client’s target audiences."


To do this we first understand the values and needs of a client’s target audiences. Then we create a reason to engage by developing a compelling story that inspires them to take the required action. At the heart of approach is the psychology of persuasion that means we employ techniques which tip the marketplace in our client’s favour.


Bringing Our Client’s Purpose to Life For Czech Consumers

We bring our clients' difference to life by telling their story in a way that not only accentuates their difference but provides compelling reasons for their audiences to take the right action. We do this by bringing the client’s purpose to the surface so it attracts people who believe what they believe.

For Portu, their purpose is to ensure Czech people can enjoy their retirement – or to put it in a more emotive way, that they ‘do not die poor’. We decided the best way to deliver this purpose was to run a campaign that helped Czech adults to understand the benefits of investing and the impact this could have on the life they could lead in retirement.

But how do you get people to engage with a topic that isn’t on their ‘radar’? Knowing the Czech psyche as we do, we decided to trigger their competitive nature by encouraging them to test their understanding of personal investment in a simple and fun way.

To achieve this ability to compete, we decided to create a benchmark score for the average level of investment knowledge in the adult population - the Investment Literacy Index.  Then we created a microsite with an online quiz that people could take for themselves and compare their score against the Czech average benchmark. The desire to beat the average test proved very appealing.


Triggering Action and Delivering Leadability

We launched the Investment Literacy Index and the microsite at the end of October 2021 at a press conference on World Savings Day. We used this event to also announce Investment Literacy Month. We used a mix of earned and paid media to trigger interest and visits to the microsite. We arranged a partnership with one of the largest media houses in the Czech Republic to feature a series of six articles in a weekly supplement about finances. Each article focused on a specific investment topic to increase understanding (e.g. How to invest to provide for your retirement) and provided advice and stories about successful investors. Our approach was supported by a number of independent investment experts – which made the test we created, and the information on the microsite, more trusted.



Both earned and paid articles included a direct link to the microsite This enabled people see if they had a better than average knowledge about investing. The site then provided more information about investing and offered the opportunity to enter a free draw in exchange for GDPR-compliant permission to communicate.

To reinforce the impact of the paid and earned media coverage, we promoted the Investment Literacy Index and microsite via various social media channels of the client and the four expert endorsers of the Index.


The PRAM Value Multiplier

Because of the power of our IMPETUS method, we effectively guarantee to our clients that we will always multiply the value of their investment with us.

In Portu’s case, the integrated nature of our campaign, and its use of social psychology, delivered a 26 times return on their investment with us! Over 9000 people took our test during Investment Literacy Month, and this drove a steady stream of people who signed up for an investment account. The greater understanding our education programme delivered, converted into a two and a half times increase in daily users of the Portu platform.


The value of our approach has been recognised by multiple awards, including:

  1. The absolute winner of the most prestigious awards in the Czech Republic LEMUR - Investing is not just for millionaires
  2. 1st place in B2C category in LEMUR
  3. 1st place in financial sector category in LEMUR
  4. SABRE Awards shortlist

Extending Leadability Across Europe

We focus on delivering immediate impact and sustained value for our clients with our partners in Worldcom. This means that the power of our approach can be deployed in the Czech Republic or other countries across Europe. That's why Portu asked us to extend the reach of our proven approach to deliver leadability for them in Slovakia and then Poland, where we now ensure the same level of effectiveness of the campaign. That’s what you call delivering business momentum or market impetus!


"Another way of describing the value we deliver to our clients, is the ability to lead the Czech market - or wherever they ask us to help them."


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