PRAM Consulting was established in 2001 as a private Czech company specializing in providing public relations services. Right from the start, the first customers were multinational corporations, which had a mid to high level of representation in the Czech Republic and needed to team up with a creative and flexible firm that would handle media communication, organize social events, and provide other marketing services. Our current customers have essentially the same needs.

The goal of PRAM Consulting is to help our business partners, not only with marketing their brands, but also with promoting the sale of their products, securing media support, and handling the various aspects of advertising, including long-term strategic planning.The main specialty of PRAM Consulting is giving advice in the area of strategic communication, with a focus on media, customers, investors, human resources, public administration, and other population segments. In addition, we provide event management and other marketing services.

PRAM Consulting consists of several teams, each of which is comprised of one management member, a key account manager, and the necessary number of account managers. The person responsible for everyday contact with the customer and the conduct of activities is the key account manager. The management member supervises individual projects, and account managers prepare and provide specific services.